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Residential and Commercial Storm Damage Restoration Contractor

Insurance claim assistance / 24hr emergency repair service

Adam Barrientez Restorations LLC repairs homes and buildings in Nebraska and surrounding States from storm damage and general remodeling. We offer brand name materials with very competitive pricing, as well as free estimates with job descriptions, so you’re never in the dark. In addition, a wide variety of services are offered, so you never have to hassle with multiple contractors.

We also have a friendly sales team ready to serve your needs. So, if you have any work, big or small, we’ll do it all.

Our Advantages

  • We Are Licensed and Insured
  • We Have the Right Tools to Get the Job Done Fast
  • We Provide Free Storm Damage Inspections
  • We Use the Most Proven Restoration Techniques



Keep Calm and Call Us First

Storm damage, unfortunately, happens more often than you would like. These storms can cause damage to your windows and roofing which can lead to water damage to your properties interior. When storm catastrophes occur, the crisis can be averted with our emergency services to secure your property from further storm damage.

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